Neuron. The core component of the nervous system in general, and the brain in particular, is the neuron or nerve cell, the “brain cells” of popular language. A neuron is an electrically excitable cell that processes and transmits information by electro-chemical signalling.
Mastin, Luke. Neurons and Synapses. The Human Memory. (accessed 26 June, 2019)
Each neuron may be connected to up to 10,000 other neurons, passing signals to each other via as many as 1,000 trillion synaptic connections. Information transmission within the brain, such as takes place during the processes of memory encoding and retrieval, is achieved using a combination of chemicals and electricity.
Mastin, Luke. Neurons and Synapses. The Human Memory. (accessed 26 June, 2019)
The starting point for Mindalizer identity were Neurons exploring the idea of connection, conveying the idea of communication through opposite flows: the arrows pointing toward the centre gives it a notion of concentric direction, the star drawn in the negative space points toward an eccentric direction. Receiving while transmitting at the same time. A complex concept of communication summed up in a very straight to the point design style.

In the beginning, there was a beautifully drawn typeface called Diverse, complete. Totally free.

IBM Plex™ is an international typeface family designed by Mike Abbink, in collaboration with Bold Monday, an independent Dutch type foundry. As a result, we have a neutral, yet friendly typeface. IBM Plex stands out for its diverse and personalized applications with excellent legibility in print, web and mobile interfaces. With three different designs, Sans, Serif and Mono, working well independently, and even better together. Our brand narrative will start using one version of it, the Sans: in all its splendour and variety, from the light or regular to bold and beyond. This design has a strong sense of structure which makes it a perfect fit for reports and presentations. It’s clear, sharp and reliable — conveying values that represent Mindalizer and what it stands for.

This is Mindalizer’s style. We have some rules in our writing.

Rule #1: We cite everything, and we use Chicago Manual of Style to do it properly. It is the venerable, time-tested guide to style, usage, and grammar in an accessible online format. We use a lot of references on a daily basis, we do it accurately.

Let's use it our way.

With different schemes.










“The sky beyond the door is blue”, Ryan Stiles.
A set of blues, tempered with warm grey and a tiger’s eye complementary orange. Dark, middle and light variations combined in different colour schemes allowing us to set different environments depending on the medium or the adequacy of our designs. Interchangeable yet consistent.
MINDALIZER DIGITAL PRESENTATION. This presentation was based on Mindalizer existing content. It has different layout possibilities in both light and dark backgrounds. Copywrite may be subject to changes. Images used are for demonstration only.

We are a boutique consulting firm that specializes in the improvement of business results. Started in Feb/14, our mission is to serve our customers by providing the highest quality professional services that address their business needs.

Technology. Analysis. Innovation. Connection.
Trust. Collaboration. Sophistication.

Mindalizer Attributes. Rui Pereira, Founder

Playlist. Access below to Mindalizer’s playlist to relax, inspire, wonder and dream. The mood to disconnect and reconnect to the world and the self. It’s time to listen to the sound (of silence).

We are kickvoidlöopeans

A group of insanely passionate human beings. Together we form a design studio working with different creative fields. Hungry for ideas, we love to create together, using the transformative power of design to simplify communication, elevate experiences and engage people everywhere, anywhere. Effective design and relationships come from one simple concept: collaboration. We truly believe in that and get excited about starting visual dialogues, learning about you and collaboratively making something beautiful. We are illustrators, photographers, copywriters, engineers, programmers and, of course, designers, always creating and re-creating the way people interact. 9 to 5? We don’t buy it. We question established concepts and rules and we work in a decentralized way in order to build the reality we believe in: a better, freer, more inspiring world. We have an ever-growing network of experts from different creative and technological fields. We are based in Porto, Portugal. We move towards what moves us. At kickvoidlöop we are a group of people moving around the world and hopefully moving the world!

All ideas presented, including all related documents are exclusively the property of Mindalizer, which includes  all assets, website and this brandbook. Kickvoidlöop developed this project with Mindalizer close collaboration. In this brandbook we use several mockups to better suit real application contexts, although be aware the end result may differ from presented images.

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