Let us start by saying that we are what we do, and that is consistency. We handle people and their feelings, their hopes and emotions, and that is our core mission.

That is why we place great importance on building lifelong relation

That is why we place great importance on building lifelong

Because it is our belief that the best way to improve your business is to work together with you on every single detail that must be improved. 

To help you Your business. To change your experience so that reality can be a permanent shift as well as life itself.

That is why transformation is a gift. That is why transformation is the whole point of our drive.
That is why any solution requires a systematic approach, clear and distinct outlooks, a gentle but energized transition, in some meaningful way, between transaction and transformation.
That is why transformation is a gift. That is why transformation is the whole point of our drive.
That is why any solution requires a systematic approach, clear and distinct outlooks, a gentle but energized transition, in some meaningful way, between transaction and transformation.

who are we?

We are a boutique-consulting
firm founded in 2014 by Rui Pereira

A deep motivation led us to pursue a consultancy model that could face the new challenges of the 21st century: that is why we design personalized strategies for each business; we encourage proximity to the customer, so we never lose sight of your goals.
As believers and connoisseurs, as mind-lovers, it is our responsibility to leverage your trust. From developing a customer centricity culture, to transforming operations to world class levels or even creating digital exposure for your business, our approach is strong on experience-based senior consultants who identify the bottlenecks and deliver the solutions that make your company prosper, through innovation and technology. That is why we have struggled to find our own method of making your company prosper. 

Our Values

Partnerships Empathy is another keyword for business growth. Our relations with our customers are based in thoughtfulness, desire to help, feeling and sharing their emotions and needs. Integrity We pursue our convictions as long as honesty prevails. Collaboration Success is achieved with a strong work alliance. We merit working proximity and knowledge transfer. We will also learn from you. Passion Inspiration is key in thriving. We are enthusiasts with what we do and love. Excellence Practice makes perfect. We consider every business a work of art.

Pssst! If you are that kind of person who has the mindset to spot opportunities, the ambition to respond to challenges and devote yourself fully to what you do, we look forward to getting to know you better.

That is a whole kind of responsibility that we all share.
And sharing is a major condition so minds can be open for success.

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Customer Centricity/Customer Experience

Broadly understood as the sum of all experiences a customer has with a company, over the duration of their relationship. It is the collection of processes a company uses to track, oversee and organize every interaction between a customer and the organization throughout the entire customer journey.

At Mindalizer we feel that customers should be at the center of everything a company does. From strategy, to IT systems, to operational processes or marketing, every  department in an organization should be aware that customers are the most valuable asset to care for!

— 02

Operational Efficiency

Operations management refers to the activities, decisions and responsibilities of managing the resources which are dedicated to the production and delivery of products and services. It is the capability to create competitive advantages and achieving sustained profitability and growth goals.

We have developed a structured evaluation matrix, using an approach based on the Warwick Business School methodology. We will assess your current operational environment to help you prioritize tactical decisions and project selection for implementation.

At Mindalizer we encourage our customers to have greater ambitions than just running a cost-effective business. We act as enablers of a well-oiled system that require forward and innovative thinking and immediate response to rapidly changing markets and technologies.

— 03


Search engines such as Google or Bing focus on rewarding websites that offer people the best user experience and relevant content. Digital Strategy and Digital Asset Optimization is the process of using search engine optimization techniques to push a website or other type of contents such as images, ebooks or videos to the top of search results.

The goal of digital strategy and digital asset optimization is to extend the reach of your audio, video, image and text-based content beyond the borders of your website, enabling your company to connect with more customers and improve and build a stronger brand or product awareness. By resorting to the latest technology, we will help you optimize your online investment by defining an online strategy, bringing new visitors to your website, increasing revenue and enhancing your brand exposure.

At Mindalizer we can assess your current web presence and help you define and align your search and social presence with your content plan in the long run – while focusing specifically on your unique goals, customers and needs.

— 04

and Process Flow

Collaborative processes make it possible to take better advantage of the relationships between the customer and the company. Through in-depth and exhaustive interviews with organizations, we design the most appropriate business processes for each situation, detailing each case and treating each question with thoroughness and maximum dedication.

In addition, workflow processes make it possible to carefully map work rules, reconfigure them, and reactivate the modus operandi to increase efficiency. Using Atlassian technology and Agile methodologies that ensure training and transformation processes.

At Mindalizer we developed a methodology that is light on theoretical powerpoint presentations and strong on experience-based senior consultants who identify the bottlenecks and deliver the solutions that make your company prosper. We believe that only a close relationship with the customer can bring real benefits to both. Therefore, our vision is fluid so that the results can be solid.

Our approach to projects, complex problems or challenges can be valuable in one, two or all three steps of our methodology.


Here is where strategy, data analysis and planning come in. It’s time to set goals and define priorities, to describe exactly the nature, scope and meaning of the problems we are trying to solve.  It’s time to set boundaries and detail the major guidelines to follow in order to fulfil all ambitions.


Together we can put strategy into action by building, adapting or recreating processes into productive sets of instructions. To make things happen is one of the most difficult steps, because there is a lack of agility, initiative or coordination to do what has to be done. Changing processes requires the engagement of distinct areas and the capability to “give hands” is crucial to transform.


Now you find evidence that your company is getting the most value from your investments! Processes, systems and roles need to be flexible to adjust to circumstances and perform. Fine-tuning is a constant need in a constantly mutating market. By controlling leading KPIs the company can learn where the focus and energy should be redirected. Active monitoring will identify any constrictions to promote change for further improvement!

Think already know us enough? Check out our playlist to get a closer look to the big picture.

Customers Network

There is something constantly changing in the mind. Almost all of our memories, feelings and thoughts. Few things remain intact. Some elected connections. Like a neural network, our energy comes from those who share with us their ambitions.

We have headquarters in Lisbon. This location is a hub with all the infrastructure to deliver successful projects anywhere. We manage international customers, our consultants are multilingual professionals and we are experts in use the latest technologies to reduce distances.

We Are

A boutique-consulting firm determined to help and collaborate with motivated and ambitious brands and people.

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Join Us. What we have in mind is people with high hopes, intellectual, analytical and communications skills and the ability to adapt. Friendliness and modesty are also vital for this work.
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Rui Pereira has more than 24 years experience in the financial industry. Currently leads continuous improvement programs, customer centricity and efficiency projects.

During his career, Rui had several senior positions . He worked 6 years at Barclays Iberia and 11 years at Banco BPI. He was Head of Support, Improvement & Control (which included Head of Reengineering function), Head of Consumer Loans Operations.

Since 2003 is a Board Member (Supervising Committee) of the Portuguese Project Management Association (APOGEP)


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